Syncing with Scivener creates new file for existing scenes

I’ve been using Aeon directly to work out my plot. While doing that, I wrote three or four scenes in Scrivener. Those scenes have corresponding events in my timeline, with the same name/label. Now that I’m switching to drafting, I synced with Scrivener. For two of those initial scenes I already wrote, Aeon creates new blank scenes in Scrivener. If I delete those new scenes and replaced them with the written scenes, Aeon sees them as different than the events in Aeon with the same title, and creates new events. I can’t seem to get Aeon to see the event as existing already in Scrivener. I suppose I could move the text in the existing scenes to the newly created ones, but that seems like it’s defeating the purpose of syncing. :woman_shrugging:t3:

If anyone has a solution for this problem, I’d appreciate hearing it!

When you open your Scrivener project for syncing, the sync binder will show all the changes that will occur before syncing. If it is going to add new data to Scrivener or Aeon Timeline, it will show a green plus sign next to it.
If you click on that item in the sync binder, it will open more syncing information in the inspector, and explains what the sync will create (eg. it will create a new document in Scrivener)

If you instead want to link this Scrivener document to an existing Aeon Timeline item, then in the inspector where it lists that it will add a new Aeon Timeline item, you need to click the “Change” button. This will then give you a dropdown where you can choose to either Ignore this document (don’t sync it with anything), or choose which Aeon Timeline item to link it to.

You can read about this in our help article here: Getting Started with Syncing - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base