Syncing with Scrivener: is there a faster way?

Hello there,

I’m trying to sync an existing (and pretty large) timeline with an existing Scrivener project. I don’t want to create new Events for each Scene, but I need to link existing scenes to existing Events in the timeline.

I’m able to do this, via Sync panel, but I was wondering if there is a faster way to locate the target event instead of scrolling a HUGE list. There is a search box pretty much everywhere in Aeon when it comes to choose a node to link, except in the Sync panel for Scrivener.

Am I missing something, or is it app that is missing this feature?



Yes currently this ability is not available for the list of events you are trying to choose to sync to in the sync panel. We agree it should have that, and will create a ticket to get it implemented for a future update.

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Thank you for the answer!

Can’t wait for this feature to be implemented, among other little things that are needed for an easier “sync experience” with Scrivener.

The new sync method is way more flexible than Aeon 2, I love it already, but unfortunately it’s missing those little details to be usable (for my needs, at least).