Tag Manager

Is there any way to manage tags apart from the tag section in the inspector panel? I see reference in the articles about a tag manager but can’t find it anywhere.

I needed to change the tags on a few hundred events recently and had to go through each event in the spreadsheet view deleting them one by one.

Is there a way to delete specific tags with a single click? Or rename specific tags and have the, update across all entries?


No there currently isn’t a tag manager in Aeon Timeline, however it is something that has been requested before and is on our feature request list.

The workaround at the moment would be to filter your events by tag, and then select all of the events in the filtered view.
You can then bulk edit the tags in the inspector for all the selected items (however note that removing the tag that you are filtering by would then deselect all your events, so you would have to add your new tag, then delete the old one).

I’m trying to change a tag that’s irrelevant to my work. I tried the workaround by filtering the tag. It picks out the event, only one, but there’s no tag in the Inspector tag box for me to remove. I deleted the entire event, even restarted the program, but the tag is still there. I believe this file had been converted from AT2

Are you able to send through the file to support@timeline.app, with what tag it is you are trying to alter? This will help us work out what is happening.

Okay, I’ve sent on the file plus a description of what I was trying to do. Hope it works out, thanks!

Hi @jess, I think what we want is what AT2 had: Tags and the Tag Manager - Aeon Timeline Knowledge Base

I created a property called TAGS, used format for List of Options and started adding tags - easier to manage.