Technical differences (use of libraries or the like) between versions 2 and 3?

Well. Long time no see. Aeons ago I bought Aeon 1, after testing that I got it working on Linux. Got some weird error messages but the program was usable. I’ve been using it sporadically

When version 2 became available I downloaded the trial (the timestamp is from 2017…) but could not get it to work. The friendly support suspected library problems and I decided to wait updates for them (Wine or OS)

Now I updated my operating system (to newer Linux) and gave the program a new try.
Sigh. It seemed to launch (hey, hooray?) but then told that my trial period had expired (small wonder, you’d say).
The question: Do I dare to download the version 3 trial, are its “intestines” similar to vs 2, so I don’t fall in the same limbo again? Vs. 3 seems real interesting and has features I’ve missed in vs. 1 (I’ve used it for fantasy / SciFi, so in need for odd calendars.

And how does your license work? I lost my Scrivener due to the license not working in Linux. the program would have worked. The license (Paddle) did not. I fear a nasty surprise.

Since my last visits the old forums had been sunk and replaced with this Discourse thing…

Version 3 is built off the same libraries as version 2 (embedded chromium), and it uses its own internal licensing system (which was different from version 2 which did use Paddle). However as we don’t officially support Linux, it is untested on this platform, so we don’t know if it works. You are welcome to download the trial of version 3 to see if it works for you, and let us know any issues you have.