Template for artefacts and other key objects


I’m Thibault. I started to use Aeon to write stories. At this time, I am working on a big one that will start 80,000 years before present and end on year 2015. During all this time, I have several artefacts (sometime split in pieces) that will move from one owner to another and from one location to another. I would like to keep track of these artefacts, but there is no ‘Objects’ or ‘Artefact’ type in Aeon, and to be honest I am not able to see what are the implications of modifying software templates.

So I’m looking either for some help to create such a template or a template that would be already done.

Does anyone have such stuff?

Thanks by advance for your very valuable help.


Hi, Thibault,

this is not a big deal. You just create a new timeline based on the novel template and choose “customize settings”. Then you add an item type, which you call “artifact” for example. You can use the character type as a guide. Then you set the relationships in which the artifacts can be linked to other items, such as characters and locations, and to events. Here, too, you can use the character type as a guide. After that you can save the result as your own template, which can be reused for new projects (or shared here).

Once you’ve done this yourself, you’ll have learned a lot about Aeon Timeline, which will certainly make it easier to use. You will also be able to adapt your timeline or template as new requirements arise.

Here is more help for this: How To Add Item Types - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base


One more tip for your particular use case, if you haven’t worked with Aeon Timeline before:

You can simply create an event of the appropriate length for the duration that an artifact is in the possession of a particular person, to which you then assign both the artifact and the person. The same for the duration that an artifact is in a certain location: an event to which the artifact and the location are assigned. The important thing is that Aeon Timeline is all about events.

This is how I would do it with Aeon Timeline 2, with which I have some experience. It’s quite possible that there are also alternative solutions for Aeon 3, then you’ll surely come up with them.