Template sharing options?


I realise we are in the very early days of this forum and that we don’t even have the new version yet, so I may be jumping the gun here, but until we have a way of uploading templates to a potential repository, what would be the best way of sharing templates?

I’m intending to work on some basic fiction templates relatively soon; Three Act Structure, Hero’s Journey and perhaps a few others.

I’m sure there will be others who also want to post their exported templates.

Many thanks


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Hi Andrew,
I have just enabled uploading template files with the aeontpl extension onto this forum, so you should be able to attach them here now.



Hi Matt,

That’s perfect. Thank you. Once they are ready, I will upload them here.

Hi, Matt
Where do AT save aeontpl files on my computer?

Hi Serabale,
The steps to sharing a custom template are:

  1. Prepare the timeline file as you want it to appear in your template – including settings, and potentially items you wish to include;
  2. Choose File → Save As Template, and complete that dialog by giving your template a name and selecting which elements you want included in the template.
    • This will save the template file for your own use on your computer, but not in a place easily accessible
  3. To share the file with others, or to transfer it to another computer:
    a. Open Aeon Timeline → Preferences on Mac, or Tools → Options on Windows
    b. Click onto the Custom Templates tab
    c. Click Export next to the template you want to share
    d. A save dialog will then allow you to save the template file wherever you wish

I suspect you have already completed steps 1 and 2, so it may be only step 3 that you are after.


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My step 3 was to launch seraching search aeontpl :rofl: