The auto-recovery after an unexpected OS shutdown removed saved data

Platform: Windows
OS Version: Win 10
OS Language Setting: English US (Keyboard US-Dvorak)

Version: 3.1.9
Application Shell: 3.1.9

Problem Description+screenshot

The “attempting recovery” after an unexpected system shutdown (I accidentally hit the power button on my laptop and cancelled the shutdown while the OS was closing all my stuff) overwrote the summary field of several already saved events with the last thing I’d typed (which may have been in the clipboard buffer). I suspect it did this to any of the events I’d “touched” since saving. The information that overwrote the events was from a character entity. I have changed a few of the category names, but otherwise I think the structure is the default novel one.

Steps to reproduce

This is my best guess and based on memory since I didn’t discover the data problem until several days later:

  1. With Aeon Timeline open and probably some changes made but not saved, click the power button.
  2. Cancel the shutdown as it’s closing the applications you have open (a mix of Word, Excel, Chrome, and Windows folders).
  3. Reopen Aeon Timeline.
  4. When prompted to allow it to attempt a recovery, say yes.

Any relevant files?

I rebuilt my timeline using the internal backup function and exporting tab-delimited files into Excel then using it to find differences. I’ll send you the Aeon Timeline files I used and if the tabs would help, I can send them as well.

Thanks for sending through such detailed information. I have replied to your email aswell, and will file a ticket with the developers to look into the issue.