The next evolutionary step for Aeon Timeline

Aeon Timeline is already the best plotting software, IMHO – way better than Plottr. It could, by adding the ability to draft a novel (or screenplay or whatever), become the best author’s software, even better than Scrivener and its wannabe competitors.

Sure, we can sync to Scrivener, which is fantastic. But imagine the market it would open up for the developer if it was perceived as a Scrivener competitor? Rearranging things, tracking things, etc. would be done in all of the views, including the writing view.

Oh, and pick a horse. Is this for historians, project managers, or novelists/screenwriters? I suggest the latter is the market this product should be disrupting. So, change the name and the marketing to let authors/screenwriters know that this is a powerful alternative to both writing apps such as Scrivener and plotting apps such as Plottr.