There should be a way to see levels of parents

In my project, I have multiple places in a fantasy world. Places are usually Cities/Towns where stuff happens, or landmarks. I used to have Prefixes that would let me know in which Country the City is, but then my list began to be cluttered and hard to manage, so I switched to having a Country parent to my City Childs. The issue is that now I don’t know in the Timeline view, in which Country the city is. It would be good to be able to display at least one level of parents. Example : “United States - New York”, having 2 places being one parent “United States” and one child “New York” instead of having either “United States” and “United States - New York” or having only “New York” displayed, since the parent isn’t showing in the view.

I don’t know if I was clear, so feel free to ask questions or precisions if you want.


Just to clarify, so what you are after is the ability to display somewhere on an event in timeline view what its parent is?

Thanks for the question. No, i’m not talking about viewing the parent of an event in the Timeline, but the parent of a “Place” or “Location”, when it is displayed under an event in the Timeline.

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