[ Timeline could not be opened ] - Unknown error

Hello everyone !

I am using AeonTimeLine since a while now but some issues came to me lately.

I recently decided to add images on my characters & places from the desktop app,
the .aeon file is stored on an cloud that i access on my phone using the Aeon mobile app ( IOS )

1 - I may have missed somethning but even if i am logged with my account (not in read only mode) i wasn’t able to persist any modifications , is there a button to push modification (like a “save” button?)

2 - My main problème is that since i added some images (my Aeon file is nos 67.7mo) i cannot open it on my phone. Is there some recommandations ? should i try to minimize imafes size ? is there a max size for the file to be openned on ios ?

That’s all my questions , thanks for all really great app !

Ok I managed to fix my issues:

Basicly i was using MEGA cloud and the connection didn’t work as well as expected, so i sync my mega cloud with a Icloud folder and download my .aeon file from that Icloud cloud ! works !