Timeline - overflow week

Enabling this will continue the week in the next month, and disabling overflow will restart the week so that each month starts with the first weekday.

I forgot to add some examples that can be explained. Here is a calendar example I used as a reference for my fictional calendar: Darian calendar - Wikipedia
you will notice that the weekday is restarted each month. it’s a shame that the software doesn’t support this kind of feature…

Exciting topic. I took a closer look at the theory – that looks pretty whacky. They also came up with a “Darian” calendar for Jupiter, which is additionally based on the cycles of the various moons. Oh yeah – there’s a “Darian” calendar for Titan, too. I feel reminded of the old Ptolemaic planet models in the Natural Science Museum with all the gears and epicycles …

The number of crazy calendar systems one could invent on the basis of astronomical constellations runs into the infinite.

As an author, I would only use such a time measurement system if I understood it completely myself. Otherwise just take it easy, because the readers wouldn’t get it either.

Of course, it would be cool to have something like that in Aeon Timeline. However, the only way I could think of for a useful implementation is a programming interface so that you can deliver the date generation algorithm yourself, using plugins or macros. This would be worth a feature request, wouldn’t it?

Good news! I thought about your problem again and came to the conclusion that the “Darian” Martian calendar can be used in principle without problems with Aeon Timeline, simply by omitting the weekdays. Since these are derived from the month according to a fixed scheme, they do not have to be calculated at all.

To quote the specification:

And now for an unusual feature. Each month begins on exactly the same sol of the week: Sol Solis, which is the Martian equivalent of Sunday. The direct result of this is that regardless of the month, a given sol of the week can only occur on four invariable dates; for example, Sol Jovis, the Martian Thursday, will always be either the 5th, 12th, 19th, or 26th of the month… any month. No one on Mars will ever have to pause to consider, “Now let me see, the 10th of next month is Sol Martis, isn’t it?” It always is! This has the great advantage of eliminating the sloppiness we on Earth have had to put up with in the Gregorian calendar.

To me, though, the whole thing sounds suspiciously like an academic joke. Think about it: Our seven-day week was certainly not born out of sloppiness, but out of a deep need for a fixed rhythm that the “Darian” calendar does not provide.

I recreated the calendar from Wikipedia version, here is the file.


once you open up the file, you will immediately see the problem with this: the first day of the year is not Solis but Mercurii which it’s exactly the sort of problem I’m having… no mention there is no intercalary day with his own name.

this site is a good alternative but unfortunately, it’s a web-based system…

and one more thing: please, don’t troll.

There’s no need to be offensive. Perhaps I have not made myself clear enough, but what I did was offer you a workable solution in case your change request is not taken up immediately.

Once again: It’s sufficient to suppress or ignore the weekdays in your timeline and just figure them out yourself if you need them. Because, as I tried to illustrate in my post, the “Darian” Martian calendar is made to make such a thing go quite easily with mental arithmetic: date modulo 7. It also works with a one-month cheat sheet.

Apart from that, every author is of course free to use funny fantasy calendars of their choice.