Timeline - Snap to lines precision

When I drag an item, or set the duration of items by dragging, on the timeline, I wish the lines would snap to whatever zoom scale is shown. e.g. years… months… days… hours… 15-min increments.

I never need minute/second detail when dragging. And, it’s difficult to get that detail correct, by dragging, anyway.

When I need/want minute/second precision, I figure that’s what the inspector panel is for.

For example, it’s frustrating to set a day duration for an item, drag it to a different day, and have the start be 23:50 the day before and the end be 23:50 on the day.

There is something wrong with the way dragging events works generally, I think. I don’t think I have even once managed to correctly place an event by dragging it - always end up entering date/time manually in the field. Maybe more feedback would help while dragging along with options in settings to choose granularity, whether to have snaps, etc.