Timeline Visual Glitches

Platform & OS Version

Platform: Mac
OS Version: 12.0.1
OS Language Setting: British English

App Version

Version: 3.0.13
Application Shell: 3.0.13

Problem Description + Screenshots

I have recently switched to a new Mac (M1 Mac Mini) and a new monitor (LG 27 inch 4K UHD running in 4k mode with UI scaled down to 1440p resolution) and am now experiencing some peculiar visual glitches in Aeon Timeline in Timeline View only.

The display seems to reset itself when I am moving the view left and right, then scrolling up until I reach the top bounds of the Timeline view. It is almost as if the display of the Timeline is doing a Double Take, refreshing the screen to where the item was prior to the timeline moving and then switching back instantly to the new position.

Obviously I have changed a lot of my hardware so I have been testing other software on this setup and no such issues happen outside of Aeon Timeline. Interestingly, Subway view seems unaffected. I had thought there might be an issue there as it is the other ‘graphical’ view in Aeon. But there are no stutters at all in Subway view.

Steps to reproduce

The switch to a 4k monitor seems to have been the trigger. I had used Aeon Timeline on my new Mac on an old 1080p monitor and this visual glitch did not seem to exist. Behaviour seems to only come up when moving Timeline view left and right, rather than zooming in and out. And when the screen is scrolled up to the top of the Timeline to the point where it can’t go any further up. Then the glitch appears.

This is consistent behaviour and appears on new timeline files as well as the one I have been working on for some time.


I have now sent an email to support@timeline.app enclosing a video file of the behaviour in question.




I have downloaded the latest beta 3.0.21 and the visual glitches appear to be worse now in the timeline view. When moving the timeline view left and right and then up and down the display of events stutters and redraws a fleeting image of where the items were prior to the left and right movement. Always this happens after moving along the horizontal axis and then following this up with a vertical motion.

I note that further improvements to performance are noted in the latest beta release notes. Could this have something to do with the changes I am seeing? The stuttering is becoming quite disconcerting in this latest update. Has this behaviour been replicated at all?

Below are my specs from About Aeon Timeline.

Aeon Timeline
Version: 3.0.21
Shell Version: 3.0.21
Opening mode: Editor
Operating System: Mac OS X 12.0.1
Device Model: Macmini9,1

I remain convinced, that despite a total change in all of my hardware, that this has nothing to do with my system glitching, as similar behaviour does not exist in other apps. Nor does it happen in Subway view, which appears to be smooth and performant. Which suggests it is to do with the way Timeline view handles the positioning of events in relation to dates.


Hi @ahansonauthor ,

Thanks so much for reporting this and for the video. We’ve reproduced the bug on a couple of machines and we’ve queued it to be fixed.

We have a rough idea of what’s likely causing the jump/glitch. It shouldn’t be related to the new hardware or beta release, but you’re right that the performance improvements may be making the issue more frequent or noticeable.

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Hi @rebecca,

Thanks for your reply. It’s good to know that this isn’t down to my hardware setup and that you’ve managed to reproduce the bug. I will look forward to a fix.

As always, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule.