Tips for working with v3 without web export

Now that V3 has been out for a bit, I wanted to see what people have come up with to workaround not having web export.

What I’m thinking of trying so far:

  1. Use read only copies in VMs and forward to those (Not like I’m going to have more then 2-3 people look at it at a time). Seems doable but pretty involved and clunky, login/forwarding to different seats/VMs would take some figuring.
    2)Simultaneously maintain V2 and V3 files, but that’s either time consuming or I’d have to find some workaround like keeping one table for all entries and importing to V2 for web export.

As an aside, I saw the request for a file lock for read only. That would be nice, but in my experience any barrier to entry is too high. That’s what’s been great about web export it was dead simple (vs say devonthink server-which is great but is less straightforward).

Thanks for the great app,