Two different filters for two Narrative views?


In addition to my story folders, I have two folders in my narrative for “unplaced scenes” and “backstory.” I have created and saved two filtered views, one of which shows all items in the narrative from part 1 to part 9 (folders and scenes that belong in the story) and one of which shows part 10 and 11 (folders for unplaced scenes and backstory).

My goal is to have the first view on the lefthand split window, and the second view on the righthand split window, so that I can (in theory) drag items from the backstory and/or unplaced scenes into the narrative. The problem is that when I apply a filter on the lefthand split, the same filter immediately applies to the right hand split.

Is this by design or am I doing something wrong? I thought it was possible to apply different filters to different views?

Thank you!

Hi Shelley,

You can apply filters either globally or to each individual view or split. To apply to a specific view you need to save the filters as Focussed View filters. This should solve your problem of both views updating each time you load a filter.

The help article explains it quite well:

I also find filtering by Narrative Status (In Narrative or Not In Narrative) quite helpful for these kinds of workflows. When an item is added to the Narrative the filters auto update the views.

Hope the above helps.


:woman_facepalming: Thank you! I’m sure that will completely solve my troubles

EDIT: it did! Thanks again!