Unable To Print

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Platform & OS Version

Platform: Mac | Windows | iPhone | iPad
OS Version: MacOS 11.6 - Big Sur
OS Language Setting: English

App Version

Version: 3.0.13
Application Shell: 3.0.13

Problem Description + Screenshots

When attempting to print, receive error “An error occurred when generating a preview of the printed document.” This is in Spreadsheet View.

Steps to reproduce

File → Print

  • Are you able to reproduce this bug reliably? Yes.
  • Can you make this bug happen with a clean timeline file? Yes.
  • Does it only happen with a specific timeline file? No.

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Timeline file was emailed.

Please let me know the estimated time for a response.

Thank you.

Thanks, we received the file.
It looks like the issue is something to do with the last two relationship columns, if you remove them, then it will print. The development team will investigate and provide a fix next week.

Removed the last two relationship columns and am still unable to print. Also removed ALL relationships. Still unable to print.

Sorry that didn’t help you be able to print, while we were able to replicate your initial problem, removing the columns enabled us to print the file.
We do have it is a priority to look at this week, so hopefully we will have a fix for it soon.