Unable to scroll side by side using my Magic Mouse on iPadOS

Platform: iPad
OS Version: 15.5
OS Language Setting: English

Version: 3.1.6
Application Shell: 3.1.6

Problem Description + Screenshots

I am unable to move my aeon timeline spreadsheet side by side when I put filled relationship tabs using my Magic Mouse

Steps to reproduce

  1. Enter spreadsheet view
  2. Press “>” to select visible collumns
  3. Select participants
  4. Be unable to scroll left and right
  • Are you able to reproduce this bug reliably?
    Yes, I have a screen recording but I am unable to send the file here

  • Can you make this bug happen with a clean timeline file?
    Doesn’t appear to occur a file with any entries, only happens when the there are entities linked via relationships

  • Does it only happen with a specific timeline file?
    Appears to happen on my current timeline file which is my timeline file. I will be emailing my file and the screen recording

Thanks for reporting this, I have replied to your email with more information.

Thank you. I have sent my reply to your email and added more information on my problem