Update in app still does not work

Platform & OS Version

Platform: Windows
OS Version: 11
OS Language Setting: NL

App Version (on the second device)

Version: 3.2.20
Application Shell: 3.2.18

Problem Description + Screenshots

I have 2 Windows devices in use with the data on OneDrive. I can update the first device, but not the second device. I need to download the installer to update. I’ve asked for this twice already and it’s been quite some time. I kindly ask that the update function work even if a device has already been updated.

I’m sorry this is still causing you problems. We are still working on trying to solve this problem internally, however it has been a difficult issue as we have been unable to reproduce it on our machines.

I think it is important to use two devices on the same account on the same (shared) data to reproduce. The device who first update works good after that the second device do not and can only be updated manually.