User Interface/duration labelling, minor bug

I have Item Cards set to show date & duration in the timeline. I’ve just noticed that I have some items that start, eg., in 1000 BC and continue to the present, with a duration that therefore reads: (3020 years, 9 months). That’s a degree of precision that seems slightly comical — 3020 years would be sufficient, 3000 years would be better.

Platform: Mac
OS Version: MacOS 11.6
OS Language Setting: English (US)

App Version

Version: 3.0.9
Application Shell: 3.0.9

I don’t see this as a bug. I expect AT to be pedantically precise with timelines and durations. That’s the main reason I have it.


We are planning to add an option to impose a maximum precision on a timeline, although that may only go up to years. This is an issue we are aware of, where some users would like less precise dates (especially for historic timelines) which is why we are looking into ways to improve this without sacrificing precise dates for those that want them.

Since Aeon provides a lot of freedom regarding start & end dates, the obvious solution to me would be to calculate duration according to the least precise of the two. Then the user has full flexibility to control the display of duration, item by item.