User Manual PDF Windows

I would like a user manual for Aeon 3 and working offline.


Unfortunately this is not something we have available at the moment, we may consider adding one in the future.

I would also love a user manual. When I’m struggling to understand how something works (not enough sleep, pain or brain fog day) being able to look up how to do something and do it slowly, step by step, without having to click back and forth between a bunch of links would be really helpful. Eg. today I’m trying to get the relationships in a very complicated family sorted. Do I need to have the relationships between characters be bi-directional or inverse? And in for which relationships is that true or not true? How do I find out the age of a bunch of different people who are alive during an event but not present (and therefore not direct observers) for that event? I spent half an hour sorting through links on the webpage to find these answers and am STILL working out which boxes to click and unblock (yes, it is a brain fog day).