Using Scrivener & Aeon

Hi there, I would like to clarify my doubts concerning the use of scrivener and aeon timeline 3.

  1. Storage location. My Aeon file is stored under Library > mobile documents> iCloud app > File. As such, must I store the scrivener file in the same folder?

  2. File format. Sorry can I ask is it possible to backtrack and determine which file template that you use with Aeon timeline?

The reason why I am asking this is because (what I learnt from YouTube is that you need to have all the events grouped under the narrative folder) before you can Sync to ensure consistency that it will appear in the same order as scrivener? - Is my understanding correct?

  1. Choice of Scrivener template. I understand that I need to create a new template from scratch, but having said that I am quite lost in terms of what to choose. I want to narrate a biography and I am wondering which is the appropriate template to use.

Thank you for your time in reading this.

1.: You can store it in different locations. Aeon just needs a file path to your Scrivener project.

2.: Sorry, I don’t think I understand your question.

  1. You don’t really need a specific template. But you should determine how you want to organize your project. When you sync from one app to the other, it will change your binder structure/narrative folder. I recommend that you start planning and structuring your project in either one of the apps and then start the syncing in order to move that structure over to the other. If you create two structures and try to sync them afterwards, it is getting more complicated.

Thank you for your reply. Sorry let me rephrase the following:

  • Can I ask is it possible to check which template I have used after I have set up my Aeon Timeline?
  • Must I set up a narrative folder in order to sync events in Scrivener?
  • Must there be a specific template be used for Aeon timeline and a specific template used in Scrivener for the Sync to be seamless?

No it isn’t possible to check which template you have used once you have set up a file in Aeon Timeline. You can check the contents of the template, which are all contained in the Settings (the cog icon) and Advanced Settings (Settings->Data Types->Edit). However this will not tell you what you started with (eg. Fiction etc.)
Aeon Timeline will sync all the content of your Narrative with Scrivener. As Rob mentioned above, it syncs the structure between the two. The aim of the Narrative View is to mirror your binder in Scrivener. Therefore if you want to sync events with Scrivener they need to be in the Narrative View. You don’t have to have Narrative Folders ( a specific item type) for it to work. These can just be created to represent things like Chapters which encompass your events, however you don’t need to do this.
You don’t need to use a specific template in Aeon Timeline or a specific template in Scrivener for the syncing to work. The only thing you need in Aeon Timeline is a template that has Narrative turned on. However if it doesn’t, then you can still turn it on under Settings->Narrative->Track Independent Narrative.
In Scrivener you just need to define the top level folder where you want to sync your events to.
As Rob mentioned, it may be easier to to setup your structure in one, and then sync to the other one. Otherwise syncing will involve merging the two structures together.

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