Values of all meta-fields have disappeared from AT3

Platform: Windows
OS Version: 10
OS Language Setting: Russian

Version: 3.0.11
Application Shell: 3.0.11

As a result of recent updates, the values of all meta-fields of events from AT3 have disappeared. In Scrivener, the meta-field data has been preserved and now AT3 offers me to delete the data from Scrivener during synchronization.

Sorry you are having issues syncing. We received your email with the timeline file, are you also able to send through the .scrivx file that you are trying to sync to?

Hi, @jess

I have additional information about this situation.
The file I sent you was created on 11.10.2021 from another file.
I looked at the previous file and all the meta fields saved the data in it.
I also remembered that the file I sent was restored from a backup due to incorrect closing of the program. It is possible that this was the reason.

@jess i’ve found the reason of this bug!
I’ve created an item that doesn’t have such properties as a scene.
Then I nested it within the scene. So a scene became parent to this new item. After that all scene properties became clear except summary .

Please don’t bother about data that dissapered from my project I will restore it by updating that fields in Scrivener.

Thanks for reporting that, and working out what the issue is. We have been able to replicate this, and have passed on to our developers to fix.

This issue has been fixed in the latest update.

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