Verify in 2023, is offline only possible?

Hi. I need to verify before I buy. This product is going to be used in a lab environment with no external internet access. Back in 2021 there was a post complaining about not being able to log in without a network, so I want to make sure…

Can I use Aeon Timeline, start to finish, on a system with no internet connectivity?
Meaning, no data stored in the cloud, no logins to a cloud based account, nothing.


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I’m sitting in a campsite in Cornwall with cr4ppy 3G signal and a dialog popped-up just now saying that the software couldn’t ‘phone home’ to check my account. Strange, I thought I’d purchased an outright copy, not one that had to check-in every so often.

So, I’m afraid the answer is no, you can’t use the software unless you have a network connection.

well… that solves that. On to the next tool.

What happens if you click OK? Does Aeon terminate? Or was this a generic message that pops up any time it can’t check your license or whether updates are available?

The “buy” page on Aeon’s website says you buy it once, keep it forever - or you can buy it once, keep it forever, and get a year of free upgrades.

Since I am using a demo license, it may behave differently, but it won’t continue for me at all.

Try this… disconnect your system from the network (airplane mode, pull plug, etc) and start AT. Does it actually run?

Excellent suggestion!

Yes, if I shut off my network connections, Aeon opens and runs without issues. You may be seeing a side effect of demo mode.

Or, I could be seeing a side effect of cached-up status from being recently connected.

I do not use cloud sync with Aeon and have never seen any difference running connected or offline.

Alternatively it could be that it allows you to use it for a few days without networking, but after that time, it will not work if it can’t call home.

Only support can tell us for sure though.

Aeon Timeline can’t be used completely offline, as it needs the internet initially to activate the license.

However once you have done this on your machine, it should be able to operate offline, except for checking your account details and downloading/checking for updates.

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Confirmed this works. Once the app registered, it doesn’t seem to need internet again.