Vertical ordering of events and characters are not 'alphabetical' or 'numerical'

Platform: Windows
OS Version: 10
OS Language Setting: English

Version: 3.0.13
Application Shell: 3.0.13

Vertical ordering of events is not “alphabetical” or numerically in order for events of the same date. Date is exactly the same, but title doesn’t seem to affect the ordering from top to bottom. (In similar vein, Characters do not sync in alphabetical order even when they are in alphabetical order in original source file; they can be reordered manually, however, so it is not the main focus of this report, though I think it could be addressed).

(example of disorder, though not the only case in my file of same-day events not ordering based on title’s alphabetical/numerical order, or unable to manually reorder vertical placement)

Upon transferring version 2 file into version 3, this occurred. In version 2, 12 is above 15. In version 3, after importing (kept all settings at default), I saw 15 above 12. Tried dragging scene 12 above scene 15 at the same date, but it plugged it in underneath 15 again. Would prefer not to order events to the hour/minute level since that is too cluttered for my taste, and I don’t know how far apart the events are to that specificity, just that they occur the same day but event 12 happens first. And making 15 “blocked by” 12 still does not place 12 above 15.

  • Are you able to reproduce this bug reliably? - seems so, since efforts to rearrange within the same date does not change vertical ordering. Tried creating new Timeline 3 file by importing the Aeon Timeline 2 file again, keeping sync settings at default. 15 is above 12 once again and cannot be dragged to a new vertical orientation.

  • Can you make this bug happen with a clean timeline file? - sort of; created events on the same day titled 12 and 15 in a new timeline, and 12 settled above 15 which makes more sense; however, when trying to drag 12 below 15 to recreate the vertical ordering in my file, 12 snapped to the position above 15 again. Unable to physically order same-time events to be above or below for visual preference

  • Does it only happen with a specific timeline file? - I only have one timeline file, so not sure

The reason that they are no longer alphabetically ordered if the events fall on the same date is because you can now manually control that order using Spreadsheet View.
Spreadsheet Views lists all your items in chronological order, but without the need to have dates. Therefore you can plan the order of events without adding specific dates yet, and also order dates that occur at the same time. So if you drag the event “12” above “15” in Spreadsheet View, you will see this vertical order appear in Timeline View.
When you imported your timeline file from version 2, it shouldn’t have changed that order (ie. it should have kept the default alphabetical ordering from version 2 until you manually changed it). We will look into why this has occurs.

In regards to character order, do you mean they don’t retain their order when syncing with Scrivener/Ulysses? Or they didn’t retain their order when you imported them from version 2?