Video Tutorials similar to Literature & Latte

This is not so much as a feature request as a request for bitesize targeted video tutorials - similar to the way Literature & Latte provide on their website. It would really help with the learning curve. Do the creators of this app have this in the pipeline?

I understand it’s not a video tutorial, but have you tried the built-in tutorial system?


Yes and it’s excellent - thank you! It’s just that sometimes, for a specific overview of one feature/option/approach, it is helpful to watch a short video. For me, seeing the same information presented in a different format sometimes makes an idea clearer. Anyhow, it’s just a suggestion for the future and it may help others too.

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It is something we do plan to do in the future, to release some help videos/tutorials.

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Sounds good - thanks Jess

Just wondering if there is any progress on the video tutorials.

No, there hasn’t been any progress at this stage.