We need to have the "Sync now" button change color/text once it is clicked... to avoid failures

I run some fairly large projects on Scrivener. In general all works fine, but if I am not careful, or have forgotten I actually just clicked the Sync now, I have the experience that macOS still remembers the clicks and faithfully execute all of them.
My experience has been that this will lead to some mixup on resync, telling me that a number of items will be placed in trash in scrivener!
What I the find there are empty documents with just the Title showing.
Until now I have found the original still residing in the Draft folder, so no harm done, but quite confusing.

If you are getting this message it implies that you have deleted some of your synced events from the Narrative in Aeon Timeline. Therefore when syncing this message checks that this is what you wish to do in Scrivener aswell.
Are you saying that you click the Sync Now button, but because it takes so long you have clicked it multiple times, and between those times you have made adjustments to your timeline which then are getting synced without you wanting them to?

Hi Jess
The thing is that I have not deleted anyting, I have no access to do that while the process is running. But based on my experiences now, I assume that somehow asking system to do several syncs, because response from system is so slow, may cause the internal mixup.
For me it would a great thing if the Sync now button could change color and text, as a response to the click. As it is now my only indikation that Aeon is doing something is opening the activity monitor at check there. but even it runs full speed, about 100%, I have no indication which job Aeon is busy with.
All I can say as a user, is that there seems to be a bug in present version. It may be that the project is much larger than you designed Aeon for, still I’ll call it a bug.


If your documents are being moved to trash even though you are not removing them from the Narrative, then this is an issue we would like to look at. If you do end up reproducing it and know the steps you took to do so, let us know and we will see if we can work out what the issue is.

Hi again Jess
First of all… the Aeon 3.0.13 I use now works excellent for the incremental syncs to/from scrivener. There are no hickups like the original problem… provided I am patient, and not at all eager to get on with all my clicks.
So once I have / think I have clicked the ‘Sync now’ button ONCE, I wait until I get the message like this:

I have not kept a strict listing on the earlier mishaps when I wanted to make the initial syncing, but as I have mentioned, it could be that multiple syncrequests on very lage projects, are remembered bymacOS and when Aeon executes them, some duplicates are found and suggest these should be put in the trash !!!

That might not be technically correct, but that is how I can describe it, hence my request for some action like color change/text change of the ‘Sync now’ button to advise me as user that ‘request to sync is being processed now’.

I am confident that the internal design of Aeon is very solid, in this respect. The unknown factor is the patience of the user :roll_eyes: me.


Hi Palle,

We will look at adding some sort of notification with the button, or perhaps disabling it until the sync has finished.

Maybe a progress bar would be helpful, to visualize that there actually is a progress and approx. how long until finished?

A lot of other software that do sync of some type have some type of progress indicator…
It could just be a count of items to sync… or just a simple counter like the one you get in i.e. Windows Explorer when copying or moving files…

Maybe. For me it would be sufficient if the syncbutton changed text (and color) so I as user know my request is being processed.

Just for general info, I gave Aeon 3.0.13 another go (on the M1 mini) at my ultimate huge scrivener project, about 64 GB… it works. Took about 3 hours to open and sync, then came the small box if I wanted to create about 3.200 entities, agter that I could just see in activitymonitor that program was active.

this morning the updating was finished. Response is slow, afterall there are some 33.000 events, but Aeon 3.0.13 deliveres :+1:

See it as a huge warehouse with just on guy with one wheelbarrow stowing ALL the content from a ship full of containers. When you ask him for a specific item it takes time for him to find it and wheel it back to you.

so now I know it can be done… and I will not use this HUGE size for production .