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From the start of Aeon Tineline version 3 (2 years ago) it is promised that web export will come available again.
How long do we have to wait for the promise to be fulfilled?
This is really urgent!!
Is there a planning?


Hi Jan,

We’re working on making Aeon Timeline available online, with beta testing expected to be announced and opened up later this year.

Unfortunately the version 2 style web export/HTML export won’t be returning. We did consider whether this was something we could bring back as a stopgap, but as the app has grown, it’s become infeasible for us to have such large amounts of our source code exported and shared.

You should at least support export to SVG, then we can make it dynamic for web via e.g., Inkscape.

At the moment there is no useable export that actually work for larger timelines!

That’s disappointing. I wouldn’t presume to speculate on how many people are in the same boat, but I purchased 3 and monitored the forums waiting for the return of this feature.

At least now there is a definitive answer to drive the search for an alternative. For me at least, an online Aeon system isn’t an acceptable alternative, too much loss of control/uncertainty.

It’s a pity as it was a really great piece of software.

Same for me…

I will not pay for using an “online” version of Aeon, and maybe even need to pay even more for having people to be able to see my research…

This really is a shame, and not at all what they told us a year ago!
I would never have bought Version 3 if I knew there wouldn’t be a web export.

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Sounds interesting. How is this progressing?

I’m happy there is something coming.
But I wait and see how Aeon Timeline online will differ in functionality from the web export we had. I need a web export to share my timeline information with others.

I understand! I wonder if they’re moving more in the direction of World Anvil or Campfire? I’ve been looking at them and was surprised to see that they have strong timeline functionality while also integrating a writing component – the very thing I have been urging Aeon Timeline to adopt.

Hi rebecca,
I am using Aeon for more than 3 years now and it has been really great. To be honest web export was a real good option for me since i could easly integrate complexe timelines directly into my web code.

From what I understand of your message you want to make Aeon available online.
There is somethings that worries me:

Since aeon will be available online you will have server costs : will you charge us the hosting of our timeline ?

kind regards

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Hi Rebecca,

I have some addtional questions:
Can I manage access security to my timeline data for the online version?
Is the data protected for access to Aeon personel?

Kind regards

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Hi all, to give some more info on this:

Things are progressing well from a technical standpoint. Not as quickly as we would like, but that’s often the case with a small team! We are still aiming to be in beta within 2023, but we’ve decided to leave some space for much requested improvements to the app. The ability to sort items in the entity panels is one of these, which will be going into beta testing soon.

Our pricing will very likely change when the online version is released, but this is still being worked out. We will likely offer a couple of different packages rather than the single type of purchase we have now. We don’t anticipate this immediately affecting anyone who has already purchased version 3 if they want to continue using the app as it currently is.

Regarding security, people will be able to control whether their timelines are private, shared with specific people or a team, or shared publicly online. We’ll be able to provide more details on data encryption and data and application security closer to release. While we will follow best practices, if you need to avoid access to your information for content recovery or troubleshooting, local files may still be the best bet.


Of course they will, that’s why they want to make it in the first place… more money… They will not earn as much on an offline “export to web” feature as they think they will do on an online solution.

Next, they will say that Aeon is too difficult to maintain as a desktop software and only provide an online version… this is how hundreds of good desktop software has died in the past…

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So frustrating such a key feature was dropped, with a promise it would be reinstated, then years later … this!