Welcome to Aeon Timeline!

Hello all!

It’s so fun to see AT3 finally out for everyone. It’s been a fun ride being a beta tester for it, too. I look forward to the future and am so glad to have an app that works as hard down deep in the details as we all do.

Thanks to the AT team for their hard work as well :1st_place_medal:as they scratched their heads (and likely pounded them on the desk, too) as we threw bug after bug at them and whined far more than we probably should have. :joy: :grin:


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Hi everyone, nice to meet you. I was a user of version 2 a few years ago, but kind of fell away for no real reason. I only learned of version 3 yesterday, and I’ve picked up the trial and will likely upgrade.

One question (and please don’t take this as criticism, as it’s my opinion only) - I remember I used to think that the Aeon team were very quiet on things like social media, blog updates, general information re: product direction etc. In fact, at one stage I actually thought that version 2 had been largely abandoned (and obviously missed version 3 being worked on in the background). Now that you have a rock-solid product, any plans on trying to increase awareness/engagement with the writing community?