Welcome to Aeon Timeline!

As you may have noticed, we have recently moved house: new website, new domain, new forum.

And not to mention the much anticipated launch of our new major version, Aeon Timeline 3!

These forums are a little empty right now, but we would love to hear your thoughts about the new version, and to help you with any questions you may have.

We would also love it if any of our more experienced beta testers who have been living and breathing Aeon Timeline 3 for months can jump in and help our new users as they come across.

In the mean time, feel free to reply to this thread and say hello!

Matt + The Aeon Timeline Team



I’ve made it across. I think 3 is a huge step forward, though I’ve not been in a position to use it heavily over yet.


Hi Matt and the rest of the Aeon Timeline Team,

Congrats on the new version, new website and new forum. And welcome to all of the new members of this forum.

For anyone who doesn’t know me yet, I am a long term user of version 3, having been one of the original alpha testers and an active beta tester over the past year or so. I have a good grasp of the software and am happy to lend a hand wherever I can.

Here’s looking forward to a bright new future with Aeon Timeline 3.



Hi all,

So glad to find myself here and super-duper congrats to all the team for the new version! Looking forward to helping when I can and getting answers from those in the know. Aeon Timeline 3 is such an amazing piece of software, I doubt I’ll ever use all the features but hope to use as many as I can.

Kind hopes for the days and years ahead,


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Hi every members of the Aeon Timeline Team,

Congratulations for your hard work in developing AT3 ! I’m testing AT3 for quite a long time and I can’t imagine doing my job without this wonderful tool.

I hope many users will enjoy Aeon Timeline 3 and future features you will build.


Hi all,
Looking forward to the final release, and on to AT4 .
Congratulations to all at Aeon for a job well done.

Bernard D

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I like the new forum and the new website; the only thing is you didn’t transfer our existing accounts, so we need to create a new one. I already have 4 different accounts for 4 different Aeon websites, and it’s getting a little bit frustrating to create a new account every time you change home.

It will be nice if next time we could use our existing credentials.

Otherwise, I love the new look of the website and the v3 of the app. There are so many shiny and exciting new things in it :smile: so, thank you for the amazing work. Also, I want to say I’m very pleased with the way you ran the beta, with your responsiveness and interaction with the beta testers.

Thank you,


I am so glad to be on a new website and a new forum. You guys did a great job and created an incredible program. AT3 is love at first sight. Good luck!

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Hi @Beady,

AT4? So soon? Hey, okay. I’m in. Where do I sign up for the early test builds? :joy:

All joking aside, the beauty of the new licensing model is that we all get shiny new features on a rolling basis. AT4, 5, 6, here we come :smiley:

mmm, yes. Makes me wonder whether there will always be betas to be tested. I’m happy to sign up for that.

Hi everyone and congratulations on this great software. I’m also a beta tester and will try to help new users out.
I also made a few (amateur style) tutorial videos in my native language (german) which I will put on YouTube soon. Maybe some of you can understand and use them.

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Sounds great, Rob. I’m impressed. It also gets me wondering whether the Aeon team have plans to add some video tutorials in the future.

YouTube is something I’ve been considering getting into as s creator. Podcasts also seem the way forward.

Hi Andrew, this is something we will aim to do, yes.

There are two difficulties with videos:

  1. They are very time consuming to make — scripting, screen recording, adding audio, splicing together
  2. They are very permanent — once made, you can’t easily edit it when you make a UI tweak

For both of those reasons, they are not a good fit during a beta testing phase!

But we will try to get to them now that features are more complete and stable.


Hi Dartmoor, we did consider this, but it probably would have delayed releasing the software for another few days, which didn’t seem worthwhile.

Getting this forum setup was already the only reason we didn’t release the software yesterday!


True, and they’re time consuming to watch too. I’m aware they are very popular ways of learning, but I’m utterly bemused that should be so most of the time. I find reading so much faster.


It’s not too impressive! I consider it just an amateur service for fellow writers and didn’t aim for a professional screencast outcome. It’s more like some dude showing his screen and explaining how he’s doing it. But of course I hope it will be helpful for some people.

Oh, I don’t know. To even create the videos is a fantastic thing. I will check them out for sure once you have posted them. This dude here is planning some articles on my website, and to be honest, video creation and podcasts are still very much a germ of an idea until I figure out the best way of doing them. Although both are very time consuming, I think they yield benefits for both the content creator and their prospective audiences.

So, seriously, well done on creating the videos.

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Seems to me to be bang on the money.
I see so many new users in Obsidian saying they came because they watched a video by x or y. Dude+screen seems more effective than professional screencast.

And just noticed Dropbox’s new prog Capture, designed it seems to assimilate these videos.

In many cases I prefer learning by reading as well. But actually for apps or also all sorts of creating stuff (craftswork or instruments or whatever) seeing someone doing it is very helpful. But I also think that a younger generation just by default is looking for videos on whatever, where people like me would search for articles.

I do a podcast as well (but on music), so I’m a little used to talking into a microphone and cutting out the millions of „ehm“s I‘m saying …

Congrats on the new Timeline!

I had fun with the testing phase, and great to see the end result.

I’m currently working on two massive projects that would end in chaos if it weren’t for some proper timelines, and many of the new features come in so very handy. I’m still learning a lot as I go along, but I already know that this will be one of my most used apps, along with my other fav Scrivener.

Keep up the good work!