What are the ETAs for updates?

Hi everybody,

first of all, Aeon 3 is a masterpiece. It has got so much potential, I love this app.

Second, I’m fine with this kind of subscription-based license (if you want updates), BUT…

but I feel since we’re paying for a full year of updates, the least we can get is a sort of roadmap for the next update.

As of now, we are approaching the fourth month without any single update and to me it’s way too much. There are lots of new features/bugs to add/fix. If shorter release cycles is not something viable for Aeon devs, maybe a loose roadmap would be enough for us paying users.

In my personal experience, smaller and more frequent releases are better for everyone. We get a “fresh” app more often (and so being more willing to pay for another year of updates) and you, as devs, get more feedbacks from your fixes (catching regressions and stuff sooner).




I complete agree. The notes about this payment model on the Aeon website say that there will be regular updates - and not always holding off for big releases. But there has been next to nothing in this first year.

I know that I can cancel my auto-renewal and restart that if and when releases justify it. I want to regularly pay for the software though and support the devs but we really need to see some action on the update front (and/or a roadmap as the OP suggests).

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Still awaiting anything of any significance in terms of updates. Has been a really disappointing first year on the development front. Unfortunately, I can’t see any reason not to cancel my upcoming renewal. The lack of activity is the main reason to cancel but also because i seem to be on a plan where it is £32.99 for my yearly update - and it seems to only be £25.99 for newer customers. That doesn’t seem to be particularly fair to us early birds.

Can you tell me (@jess ?) if i opt not to renew at this time - what is the cost to resume at a later date? Does it just automatically pick up the current renewal pricing?

And if you have news / a roadmap of where this product is going then please do share. I’ll happily keep my renewal if there is still active development with new features on the way.

Yeah, I agree.

As subscriptors, we deserve a roadmap at the very least.


Hi Stuart,
We will post something to our blog soon talking about what we have been working on and the updates we will be releasing next, which should help you decide whether you want to renew now or wait for future updates. As has been mentioned, the update price will remain the same regardless of whether you update immediately, or choose to delay.

In regards to the auto-renewal pricing, we have always had a set price of $35 US, however it looks like the different pricing that you see is a side effect of us adopting fixed prices in other currencies (equivalent to $35 US), which we periodically adjust to match them to the US dollar equivalent.

We hadn’t intended for subscription prices to vary for individuals in this way, so we will look into it with FastSpring (the company that handles our subscriptions and payment processing), and work out the best path forward to ensure no one is charged more than the current subscription price.

We will follow up with more information on this as soon as we have it.

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This is good to hear that a blog will be released soon. My subscription is up for renewal, but it’s been quite disappointing how this year went. Though if I may, more transparency on what the team is working on and what is going on behind the scenes would be great. I think even just a roadmap on what the team is working on and what order, would be very useful

This would also ease a lot of users minds about whether their subscription is worth it.

There are a few features that I’ve been waiting for:

  1. Putting pictures in Avatars
  2. Multiple Calendars (the most important thing for me as a worldbuilder using this app)
  3. Export to Web
  4. Directional Arrows in Mindmap
  5. Collaboration on Timelines
  6. Hiding events on the top of the timeline bar

Some are on the feature requests, and some are not. However not knowing when these are coming or if they are coming at all is pretty much why I’m going to hold back on renewing until either most of these have been released or I can see a roadmap on whether these are being worked on.

Hi jess,

do we have any eta for this announcement? :grin:

I mean, two entire months have passed. Can you quantify “soon”? A quarter? A year?

I’m stressing on this subject only because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP. My biggest fear is to discover that the app is going to abandoned. I guess there is not a gigantic team behind all of this, I get that and I absolutely respect that. (I’m a software engineer by day, I know how it works) You have a tremendous amount of work to do and PR is extremely time consuming. Nonetheless, everything is well polished, from the website to nearly every corner of the software (tip to the hat for that), but as consumers it’s a pain to be left in the complete darkness.

Again, it’s has been said already. We ask for a little bit of transparency, nothing more.

Warmest cheers from Italy,


Hi jess,

It’s me, again, stressing about the very same stuff over and over again. Apologies for this rant, I get the feeling you have no fault in this mess.

First, I really appreciate your commitment to answer nearly-every thread (except this one).
Second, I understand you “can’t” say anything on this topic because of some (weird) internal policy, but I think I can safely speak for most of your user base out there.

Third, the current lack of communication will drain your income to the bone. My subscription expired, but I’m not renewing without any further info from Aeon side.

I’m really sorry I sound this harsh, but I’m really puzzled about the current situation. My inner self is wondering: why the **** is so hard to make a public statement like “hey, we are not dead”. It makes me angry and worried at the same time. I know PR is complicated, but NO FREACKING ANNOUNCEMENT only leads to one logic conclusion in my mind: Aeon company is falling apart and is struggling to keep the tip of the nose out of the mud.

Being a logic conclusion, doesn’t make it true, there are thousands of other reasons. However, without any other piece of evidence, it’s the only way I can justify the current situation. (and I’m not alone)

What’s the direction of this whole project/business? The when? The what? The why?

Please, cast some light on this pitch black darkness of ours.