What are the ETAs for updates?

Hi everybody,

first of all, Aeon 3 is a masterpiece. It has got so much potential, I love this app.

Second, I’m fine with this kind of subscription-based license (if you want updates), BUT…

but I feel since we’re paying for a full year of updates, the least we can get is a sort of roadmap for the next update.

As of now, we are approaching the fourth month without any single update and to me it’s way too much. There are lots of new features/bugs to add/fix. If shorter release cycles is not something viable for Aeon devs, maybe a loose roadmap would be enough for us paying users.

In my personal experience, smaller and more frequent releases are better for everyone. We get a “fresh” app more often (and so being more willing to pay for another year of updates) and you, as devs, get more feedbacks from your fixes (catching regressions and stuff sooner).



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I complete agree. The notes about this payment model on the Aeon website say that there will be regular updates - and not always holding off for big releases. But there has been next to nothing in this first year.

I know that I can cancel my auto-renewal and restart that if and when releases justify it. I want to regularly pay for the software though and support the devs but we really need to see some action on the update front (and/or a roadmap as the OP suggests).