Where does sync get the dates (from Scrivener) for the timelines?

Can anyone tell me where Aeon (3) gets the dates for the timeline when syncing with Scrivener. I know (or I believe) that I will have to set that up in Scrivener, but I’m not sure how or where. e.g. Do I create a keyword?
As of now, if I sync, the dates begin today.
Thanks for any guidance,

Hi Gail,

You can setup where the dates get synced across in your Sync Settings (the cog icon on the sync binder). On the Sync Properties page, next to “Start Date” and “End Date”, there are dropdown menus where you can choose what to sync the dates to in Scrivener.

You can either choose “None” (don’t sync the dates across), an existing custom metadata field in your Scrivener project (eg. if you have a custom metadata field setup already that contains dates in your project) or “Create New”, which will create a new custom metadata field for you in Scrivener and sync the dates with that.

Does your Scrivener project already contain a field where you have entered all your dates? If so, then you need to choose this in the sync settings to get the dates synced across.

You can read more about the syncing process here: Scrivener and Ulysses - Aeon Timeline 3 Knowledge Base

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Thank you so much, that’s helpful!