Why doesn’t typing return move the text insertion point in iOS?

I am working on spreadsheet mode trying to assign durations to a number of events. When I add time to one event and hit return the duration box of the next row is selected, however when I type it adds text in the duration box I was just typing in not in the one selected. Hope I photo illustrates this. I can only add one. The “gg” text should have appeared in the selected box on the line below. It works fine on the desktop version.

We have found this issue before, although in the Desktop version, which I know you said is fine. It occurs when you have recently reordered the columns in the spreadsheet view, and if you move away from Spreadsheet View to another view, and then back again, the problem should go away.
We are working on fixing the issue but in the meantime, let us know if this works for you or not.