Would like icons for special data types to show up in Timeline view

Hi. I tested the beta of Aeon Timeline 3 last year but haven’t used it much since then. But now I’m writing again and I’m planning to use Aeon as my main tool. In doing so, I’m relearning how to use the application.

I’m writing a screenplay so I choose the Screenplay template and I’m trying to figure out how best to use it to match how my mind works.

I do have a suggestion:

The Action, Dialogue and Transition data types can be created and appear in both Timeline view and Narrative view.

I’m not sure I would use Transition in Timeline view. And I may not use Action either. But I think I will use the Dialogue data type to write some snippets of dialogue in Timeline view and then include some of them in Narrative view.

Anyway, those data types have speical icons that appear in Narrative view, but in Timeline view they are the typical diamond shape.

So my feature request is: I’d like the special icons for those data types to also appear in Timeline view. I could then more easily glance at Timeline view and see all my Dialogue entries within the timeline. Also, I think having the icons consistent between both views makes the relationships between the two views more clear.


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