Aeon working and syncing with Plottr

I would love if Aeon Timeline could work with Plottr. Both of these sync with Scrivener, so they should be able to work together as well.

  • Events in the Timeline syncing to our Scenes in Plottr.

  • Relevant characters for each scene/event syncing up (add a character that’s already in the apps to Aeon or Plottr and it syncs with the other app, assuming the same character name is used).

  • Being able to add the date from the Aeon Event as a custom Attribute.

  • Other fun things I may have missed

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You can sync both through Scrivener.

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Hmm. As someone who a few weeks ago ditched Plottr for Aeon Timeline and never looked back, I’m having a hard time understanding why it would be helpful to use both Plottr and Aeon Timeline when Aeon Timeline is just so much more robust. (@Faustyna, please don’t feel you have to defend your choice – we each have our own workflows. It’s just that I’m curious.)