Display children items without the parent

Consider the following example test project. I have tasks as children items of a parent (My Project 1). Mostly this is what I want.

For some analyses however, I would like to filter the timeline and only display tasks matching a criteria without the parent item. Is this possible ? For instance if I filter tasks to identify those “In Progress” I the task (in this case Task 4 which is what I want) but also the parent (which I don’t want).

This currently isn’t possible. It is a design decision to also keep the parent so that people don’t lose context when events are filtered, however it is something we may consider improving for users in the future so there are more options in this case.

On a related note, is the opposite also not possible?

Say I want to search for parents with the label “My”, is there a way to also see their child tasks? Currently, I only see the parents but not the children.

No, when you search for something it won’t show the child events of a parent unless they also match the search criteria.

I have asked the same questions in the early days of version 2.