How to add story arc icon to toolbar

There is no Story Arc icon on the toolbar on the left.
How to add the icon to use Story Arcs in my Timeline?

Hi Jan,

You need to go into settings and under Data Types select Edit next to Item Types. Choose Story Arc and under Show In, tick Sidebar. Then it will show up in the left Sidebar.

Hi Andrew,
Thanks for your reply but I cannot choose Story Arc, see screenshot:

Very strange. It looks almost as if there is no Story Arc Item Type. Do Story Arcs show up in the Inspector under Relationships? Can you add them to the spreadsheet view etc?

Story Arcs do not show up in the Inspector under Relationships and I cannot add them to the spreadsheet view.
When you start with a new Timeline you have to choose a template and in different templates there are different entity types. So in the template I use there is no entity type Story Arc. You can add custom entity type but I want to add the pre-defined Story Arc entity type to use the functionality that is available for this type. The question is how to add a entity type that exist in other templates like Story Arc??

The above help article covers adding new Item Types. There is also a link to changing Advanced Settings in the above article. If you open up a new file using the Novel template you should be able to review the settings for Story Arc Item Types and Relationships. You can then add Story Arc to your file using the settings from the Novel template.

Thank you, this works.
Now I have to find out what properties and relationships are relevant for me.
Until now I use a standard template, so I do not use the full functionality.
Is there an example how to design the settings of a TimeLine?

I think that largely depends on how you want to use Aeon and the type of story you are wanting to work on. I would start with the basic framework of the Novel template and then spend some time thinking about what it either lacks or what it has that you don’t need.

Thank you Andrew,
I was hoping there was an example case to set up the TimeLine.
Your information was useful.