It's Alive! Well, we have "soft launched"

Hi All,
For any of our beta testers watching along, we have switched the official version across to “released” in the database.

This means that:

  • You will receive an automatic update notification to download version 3.0.7 (the official release number)
  • The buy page is now active on the website
  • The apps have been officially released on the Mac and iOS App Stores

We will wait a short period while the apps filter through properly to show up in the App Store searches etc.

Once that comes through, we will send out an official launch email to users and redirect the website across to our new home.




Successfully upgraded my recently purchased student version of v2 now. Was very smooth and appears to have worked flawlessly.

Auto-update didn’t seem to work for the beta but very likely just hadn’t filtered through yet.

Thanks again for such great work.

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Congratulations, Matt, and to everyone who’s helped create Timeline.

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Quick update:

  • The AppStore apps are now available in the stores, but requires a search exactly for “Aeon Timeline 3” to find them… even “Aeon Timeline” doesn’t find them so well right now.
  • The website now redirects to

We will send the newsletter out in a few hours time.

Thanks all!


Hi Matt,

Congratulations and well done to everyone at Aeon Timeline. You can all be extremely proud of what you have achieved. It is early here and I feel a little like the child who has just woken up on Christmas morning, happy that Santa has been, but aware that the other kids in different parts of the world got to play with their toys before me :joy:.

On a more grownup note, I take it the NDA is now off. I am still working on my review of Aeon Timeline 3, but is it okay now to blog about the app?

Edit: I will wait a reasonable amount of time, until your newsletter goes out so I don’t steal your thunder.


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Yes, happy for everyone to generate as much buzz as they possibly can now!

Our email will go out in an hour or two.



Hi Matt,

Do you have a press pack available? Icons, screenshots etc for bloggers to use?

Just putting that together now. The link will be on the website shortly, I will post it when it is.

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Congratulations on the launch!

@matt - Just to say the recurring fee that is shown in the browser for continuous updates is the same as full price fee. On iOS and via the app it shows at a reduced price (which is what I’d expect).


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Hi Stuart,
Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, it is an error… you wouldn’t actually be charged that value, it is just pulling the wrong value for display.

We will get that fixed up.


Hi Stuart, we have fixed this now. Thanks again for spotting it so promptly.

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Thanks Matt,

I’ve posted a short article about the release to my website, just using an image I created for now. In the next couple of days I hope to post my review and some usage articles. I’ll use the official press pack images plus some of my own for those.


brilliant… thanks… and congratulations!!!

I think you addressed this above, but in the iOS app store the pricing for subscriptions does seem weird (and possibly a bargain!)

in the UK I see -

Aeon Timeline 3 + Subscription (1 year) £30.99
Aeon Timeline 3 £54.99
Updates: Subscription (1 year) - £30.99
Updates: One Year £29.99

These show as in app purchases, but obviously in the app it only presents £54.99 and the the option to have updates at £30.99 a year…

Knowing appstore users this may generate a bunch of bad reviews or comms asking why they can get the app plus a year of subscription at £30.99 or the year of updates for £29.99

Just for info!!

I assume if we want to keep beta testing, but we DO want to purchase as well… we purchase on the website, and then log into our account in the app with our actual user details but don’t install the release version? where will future beta updates be posted? can the beta’s and release version sit side by side (if you purchase from the website, as its more tricky to do that via appstore unless you create a new application for testing)… and also if we do continue beta testing, will we also need to be part of the iOS beta as well via testflight as i assume iOS and desktop beta’s need to be inline with each other (i.e. we can have a release version on iOS and a beta version on desktop if we are going to use files between the two platforms) ?

Hmm… thanks for pointing this out. I suspect there may be some weird or different rounding going on when we pull the data for display, but we will look into it.


Hi. Ongoing beta testing will be built off the same accounts as the official purchases, we will just mark some accounts as being allowed to access beta versions.

Generally speaking, download the Mac or Windows app direct from our website will be preferred to the App Store version.

For iOS, we may need to use TestFlight at times, although the released app is not available on TestFlight currently, so I would recommend switching to the official AppStore version for the time being. We can always switch iOS testers across to TestFlight again later… your Aeon Timeline account will be able to be used across both.

Quite often we hope to be able to release betas for iOS that do not actually require switching away from the official App Store release version though… it will just depend what is put into that particular update.


Didn’t even have to think twice - ordered on the App Store with the recurring subscription. It’s going to be later today before I can get time to dive into it, but I know it’s going to be great.

Many thanks for a wonderful product!


The macOS app store is showing £55 and direct purchase is £60. We all know about the Apple Tax, and I suspect most of us want to support the developer, so this seems a bit odd: buy direct and pay more is an unusual marketing approach.

Not bitching, I’ll upgrade anyway, but just thought I’d mention it.

Congrats on the launch.

Hi Marc,
We have set the price the same in USD.

There may be two different issues going on here:

  • Does the difference appear likely to be VAT being applied to the order?
  • It could also be how currency conversions are applied, and how frequently FastSpring and Apple renew their tables.

I will look into it further to find out what the difference might be.


yes this is what i’m seeing… now i’ve found the Mac AppStore product it also shows the same in app purchase costs as the iOS store notably -

“Aeon Timeline 3 + Subscription (1 year) £30.99”

sort of implying that i -could- purchase the app and a years subscription for £30.99 which obviously isnt the case… I think (because I’ve seen it with some other apps) the appstore picks up a bunch of weird pricing options for any discounts as well… so another app which I wont mention shows a year subscription for anything from £20 a year right up to £69 a year!! when I queried if I could just resubscribe at a lower price, they basically said yes and it was due to the app store somehow picking up offers and discounts and they couldnt fix it… weirdly!!!