Mindmap - Family tree


I’ve been playing around with the new mindmap view which is very useful.
One usage that I made of it was to build a family tree for characters. Not sure if this is still relevant for a software like Timeline, but if it is some adjustments would make it very powerful.

Some that I can think of at the moment :

  1. another type of arrows that would stick to vertical and horizontal angles such as this suggestion Mind Map Suggestions - #8 by ErsatzLord

  2. automatic operations on relationship items. For instance, if the gender of a character is an existing property, change “child” to “son” or “daughter”. Items currently support plural, but not gender.

  3. Auto-check dates consistency. Displaying a warning if a child is born before parents, for instance.

There’s probably other things to take into consideration, but I find it already super useful. It helps a lot not messing up with dates.


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